#SelfLove365 2017 Challenge

Despite my busy schedule I feel compelled to take on yet another challenge this year. Every year I say I’m going to start this and I don’t. Or, I last a few days and I forget or I quit or I get behind and I just give up. NOT THIS YEAR! You know why? Because I’m inviting YOU to do it with me! We are going to start 2017 with self love and creativity. The two things that I feel we need to embrace every day. Day 1/365 is tomorrow January 1st!

The topic I chose is “self portraits.” I chose this after realizing towards the end of this year that one of the major battles people face with pursuing their dreams is fear of judgment. I feel we live in a world where we care wayyyy to much about what others think of us! My hopes is that whoever joins this realizes they are beautiful, they are worthy and learn how to love themselves on a higher level instead of looking for acceptance. It’s a “self love” self portrait project and every single day, you’re going to love on yourself!

What is a 365 project? It’s a photography based project where you take a photo every day and share it with the world. For this project, you’ll be asked to participate via Instagram by following me: @bohobossbabe7 and hash tagging #365BohoBabe so I can see them as well as tagging this page if you post it on your Facebook (which you should!)

The rules: Take a photo of yourself every day and post it on your Instagram tag me: @bohobossbabe7 and hash tag #365BohoBabe; if you’re using your Facebook too, tag this page as well. You can use a self timer app on your phone, a tripod with a remote or have someone take it for you. In order for it to be a SELF portrait – if someone else takes it they can only be in charge of pushing the button. You have to set up the shot, the frame an art direct the whole image. I recommend investing in a tripod but sometimes you wont have time to set it up and take shots, so do your best and just try to take a NEW photo every day. If you’re as busy as me, you can make a FEW exceptions with other photos that you like if you have multiples from one shoot but try your best to take the time to do this FOR YOURSELF every day. 

If you fall behind, JUMP BACK IN and remember, this is about having fun, taking time for yourself every day, celebrating yourself and practicing self love. I get saddened when people criticize others for “selfies” or posting photos of themselves on the internet. I find joy in it and everyone should be able to share their lives without having to deal with other people’s opinions. So be LOUD and PROUD! Do what makes YOU happy and that’s it. CLICK SHARE and get your friends involved or post on your IG!!! Yes, anyone can join. Any questions?